The Project

Objective – To lose 90lbs in 9 months

You may be wondering why 90lbs or why 9 months. A few years ago, when my wife was pregnant with her first child, the idea first came to me to get healthy so I could be there for our future child.  90lbs in 9 months, seemed like the perfect amount of weight for me in the perfect amount of time. As it turns out, having kids can be quite stressful, and I never did tackle the challenge. Fast forward several years, and I get diagnosed by my doctor as being officially obese 41 BMI @ 3226lbs. I feel like crap all the time, I need a CPAP to sleep and every picture of me holding the kids, has them at a 45 degree angle because my stomach is huge. The time has come to change my habits so I can feel good about myself and be a role model for my children.

Up until a few weeks ago, I had a pretty inactive lifestyle. I work in the technology sector and spend many hours sitting in front of monitors hacking away. I would sit at my computer eating all manner of crap. Thankfully, I have never been big on soda, or I would probably be full on diabetic right now. I am guilty of joining no less than 4 gyms over the past 10 years, but having only gone about 3-4 times to each one. About a year ago, I joined my local Y so that my kids could go swimming, but didn’t think about exercising. A combination of factors made me decide to go to the gym on 8/4, and I haven’t looked back since.

I am not sure it is realistic to loose 90lbs in 9 months, but I am going to try. I’ve done weight loss plans etc in the past, but this time I am doing it on my own terms. I think the recipe for success basically boils down to willpower.

In order to meet my objectives, I have a secondary goal to workout for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, doing 3.11 mi/per day.

I started this blog to document my journey. I am starting it a bit late since I am already on Day 28 of my 273 Day journey.

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