Day 33 – Calories are King

Unfortunately the original post was deleted by accident due to it showing twice in the mobile app.. Anyway…

My foot continued to bother me today so I scheduled a doctor’s appt, much to my wife’s relief. Hopefully it is nothing serious. Due to the pain and since I did weights yesterday, I decided to take the day off. This gave me some extra time to ponder the whole caloric intake conversation that I had yesterday. I decided to cut my calorie intake from 2100 to 1950 per day to try and stay ahead of the curve. As I loose weight, I will naturally need fewer calories to do stuff like think, breath, walk around etc, because my body will not have to work as hard. Its like some cruel joke, the more you loose, the harder it becomes. Hopefully my reduction in calories can keep me on track, since my bum foot is acting up again.



Yumm….. I think each slice is 1950 calories..

What is 200 Calories?

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