What is 200 Calories?

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Day 29 – No GYM Today

Its been 14 days since my last day off from the Gym. My wife has advised me to stay home today to avoid further injury so I am going to try to rest my foot.

Weigh In this morning shows i’m down to 301.6lbs. That comes out to 23.4lbs in 29 days. I couldn’t be happier. Looking forward to reaching my first goal!

Labor Day BBQ’s are tomorrow and I am hoping to stay in the groove with my eating. Since I have started in early August, I have been eating mostly high protein, low fat meats, salad, fruit and protein bars. I firmly believe that any form of dieting will lead to gaining back the weight, so I am working on lifestyle changes. I used to eat lunch from vending machines, followed by huge portions of carbs at dinner and then the obligatory bag of Kettle chips or other junk as an after dinner snack. Now I am making meals daily for the whole family, ensuring that everyone has a healthy lunch and dinner. I think making healthy foods is the hardest thing to do simply because of the time required to buy the groceries and make all the meals. Going to the GYM and busting your butt is very rewarding when you begin to see the results. I find that it motivates me to avoid temptations. Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly eating things I love, like pizza, chocolate, ice cream, etc, however, I am eating small amounts, through out the week. Eg. One small slice of pizza instead of 8 slices. I am coming up on a month of this modified diet and I actually get a full feeling in my stomach now, without eating a ton of food.

Day 28 – Injuries

Working out has been especially challenging lately due to a muscle strain on my left foot. The irony of the whole thing is that I seem to always injure myself doing the most mundane tasks. Was able to complete 30 minutes on the AMT. Did another 1/2 mi on the treadmill for cool down and then went swimming with the kids.

AMT 855 Workout - 3/7

AMT 855 Workout – 3/7