Third Time is the Charm

Here we are again.. Another year has passed.. In all honesty, my second go around lasted for about 30 days and then I injured myself and then slowly got consumed by work, kids etc and just didn’t see my health as a priority. The odds never look good.. according to the data obese men only have a 1 in 210 chance of loosing the weight and keeping it off, but I am going to do it. Once again, I ended up in the hospital which I attribute to my weight. The pounds are literally killing me. Watching my children cry as I was taken away in an ambulance was heartbreaking and gut-wrenching. It took every ounce of strength to hold it together in the hospital just thinking of my two babies. This was the “moment” that really got me going. In the hospital, I came in at 313lbs and over the past 35 days I have been working hard to change my lifestyle and my priorities. I am down to 290lbs in about 35 days which is great, but it continues to be a struggle to control caloric intake. I have been using MyFitnessPal to track calories, targeting 1990 per day, and using MapMyFitness to track various exercises. I have logged about 82 miles walking / jogging outdoors and a handful or visits to the local Y. I have doubled down this time, also joining a NIH weight loss study which is geared toward learning skills for keeping weight off long-term.
When I started to project back in 2013, I had conceived of the idea when my wife was pregnant with our second child. I had been joking that my “tummy” was bigger than her’s and she was 9 months pregnant and thought I should do something about it. I have failed twice since then :(.. but I will not give up. I recently received some wonderful news! We are expecting our third child, and this time around, I hope my “tummy” ends up smaller than mommy’s. 🙂

Day 7 – Back to The Gym

Made it back to the gym for the first time in months. Decided to use treadmill instead of the AMT elliptical machines I used last year so I could ease in to thing given the recent health issues. I ended up pushing myself and I’m pretty sore but it felt really good to make it through the workout. Hopefully I can walk tomorrow 🙂


Day 6 – Swing O’ Things

Getting back in the swing of things this past week has been a bit tough, although overall I have been pretty successful. The holiday’s and parties seem to be the hardest for me, but I did pretty well on July 4th and strayed about 200 calories over my current daily goal of 1990/per day. I have had some pretty bad cravings but I’ve managed to resist, and I have finally started exercising again.  I’ve found that its much easier to stay on target with my calorie counting if I goto bed earlier and don’t stay up late. I tend to gravitate to food if I am up late working or watching TV. I have lost 10lbs so far, although I am not sure how much is actually fat. I didn’t believe my scale at home, so I checked at the Y, and it said 304.4! Today I went for a 3.27 mi walk with the kids in the stroller. Hoping to get to the gym more this week, but I need to work out a schedule for the kids. I’ve noticed that I am eating less veggies than I have previous, so I am going to try to step up the veggie intake.