Day 0 – Starting from scratch….

Here we are almost a year later and I’ve gained much of my weight back. Things have gotten progressively worse with my health.  I have been hospitalized recently with problems only a 60 yr old should have (I’m not even 40!). I’ve had one doctor offer me bariatric surgery out of the blue and three other tell me that I’m at the fork in the road. Basically loose the weight now or live with diabetes/ heart failure etc. I tried about a month ago after leaving the hospital to eat healthy , and it paid off, as I made it back to 304… Again I fell off the wagon, and bounced back up to 313lbs.

What it basically boils down to is that there is to much stress in my life (I’m a stress eater) and a lack of self control. I feel almost like my addiction to food has some parallels to an alcoholic. The progression to ruining the lives around me just taking more time. Losing weight has to be #1 priority for me, and I’m starting again today.. It seems that most people who loose weight cannot keep it off for a variety of reasons, so I really am hoping to do a lifestyle change, to aid weight loss, reduce stress and get healthy. Hopefully I can beat the odds and achieve my goal this time around.

Here are some good links on the issue: