Third Time is the Charm

Here we are again.. Another year has passed.. In all honesty, my second go around lasted for about 30 days and then I injured myself and then slowly got consumed by work, kids etc and just didn’t see my health as a priority. The odds never look good.. according to the data obese men only have a 1 in 210 chance of loosing the weight and keeping it off, but I am going to do it. Once again, I ended up in the hospital which I attribute to my weight. The pounds are literally killing me. Watching my children cry as I was taken away in an ambulance was heartbreaking and gut-wrenching. It took every ounce of strength to hold it together in the hospital just thinking of my two babies. This was the “moment” that really got me going. In the hospital, I came in at 313lbs and over the past 35 days I have been working hard to change my lifestyle and my priorities. I am down to 290lbs in about 35 days which is great, but it continues to be a struggle to control caloric intake. I have been using MyFitnessPal to track calories, targeting 1990 per day, and using MapMyFitness to track various exercises. I have logged about 82 miles walking / jogging outdoors and a handful or visits to the local Y. I have doubled down this time, also joining a NIH weight loss study which is geared toward learning skills for keeping weight off long-term.
When I started to project back in 2013, I had conceived of the idea when my wife was pregnant with our second child. I had been joking that my “tummy” was bigger than her’s and she was 9 months pregnant and thought I should do something about it. I have failed twice since then :(.. but I will not give up. I recently received some wonderful news! We are expecting our third child, and this time around, I hope my “tummy” ends up smaller than mommy’s. 🙂

Day 7 – Back to The Gym

Made it back to the gym for the first time in months. Decided to use treadmill instead of the AMT elliptical machines I used last year so I could ease in to thing given the recent health issues. I ended up pushing myself and I’m pretty sore but it felt really good to make it through the workout. Hopefully I can walk tomorrow 🙂


Day 6 – Swing O’ Things

Getting back in the swing of things this past week has been a bit tough, although overall I have been pretty successful. The holiday’s and parties seem to be the hardest for me, but I did pretty well on July 4th and strayed about 200 calories over my current daily goal of 1990/per day. I have had some pretty bad cravings but I’ve managed to resist, and I have finally started exercising again.  I’ve found that its much easier to stay on target with my calorie counting if I goto bed earlier and don’t stay up late. I tend to gravitate to food if I am up late working or watching TV. I have lost 10lbs so far, although I am not sure how much is actually fat. I didn’t believe my scale at home, so I checked at the Y, and it said 304.4! Today I went for a 3.27 mi walk with the kids in the stroller. Hoping to get to the gym more this week, but I need to work out a schedule for the kids. I’ve noticed that I am eating less veggies than I have previous, so I am going to try to step up the veggie intake.

Day 0 – Starting from scratch….

Here we are almost a year later and I’ve gained much of my weight back. Things have gotten progressively worse with my health.  I have been hospitalized recently with problems only a 60 yr old should have (I’m not even 40!). I’ve had one doctor offer me bariatric surgery out of the blue and three other tell me that I’m at the fork in the road. Basically loose the weight now or live with diabetes/ heart failure etc. I tried about a month ago after leaving the hospital to eat healthy , and it paid off, as I made it back to 304… Again I fell off the wagon, and bounced back up to 313lbs.

What it basically boils down to is that there is to much stress in my life (I’m a stress eater) and a lack of self control. I feel almost like my addiction to food has some parallels to an alcoholic. The progression to ruining the lives around me just taking more time. Losing weight has to be #1 priority for me, and I’m starting again today.. It seems that most people who loose weight cannot keep it off for a variety of reasons, so I really am hoping to do a lifestyle change, to aid weight loss, reduce stress and get healthy. Hopefully I can beat the odds and achieve my goal this time around.

Here are some good links on the issue:


Day 35 – Curves are Sexy

It was a beautiful day today, so I took the kids on a 2 mile stroll in the early afternoon. They ate cookies and pretzels in their chauffeured ride 🙂 Spent some time in town checking out the local offerings before heading back. Upon returning I decided that I should try walking to the Y to do my workout and ended up walking a few more miles. After arriving I tried out this new exercise machine called the Woodway Curve. Our Y had a few before and recently added some more. These things are pretty neat in that they don’t take electricity, they are purely human powered. They move very fluidly and they claim to burn 30% more calories, but we’ll have to wait an see how that claim stacks up. These machines help you with balance, which is something I could probably use after a recent ‘trip’ down the steps. Apparently they cost a small fortune, about $5500 a piece, but I think they are totally worth it, since they have no motors to blow or electronics to fry. I did 20 minutes on the Curve and then did some resistance training. It seems inconceivable to me that I could burn 335 calories in 20 minutes, so I’m using regular walking calorie counts towards my food count.




The Curve’s Battery powered display. Very simplistic, not sure how accurate.

Day 34 – Cleared for Takeoff

After agonizing pain in my foot for the past few days, I stopped in for a visit with the doctor today. Of course he was shocked to see I had lost 25 lbs, and very happy, after all last time he had seen me he told me I was Obese, which, if I make my goal weight, apparently I will still be.. The doc checked out my foot and diagnosed a ligament strain due to the exercise, and have me some naproxen ( aleve on steroids) to mitigate the swelling. My to my relief, he approved continue exercise so long as pain was not present. I went to the gym tonight to celebrate and took it pretty slow/easy.


Day 33 – Calories are King

Unfortunately the original post was deleted by accident due to it showing twice in the mobile app.. Anyway…

My foot continued to bother me today so I scheduled a doctor’s appt, much to my wife’s relief. Hopefully it is nothing serious. Due to the pain and since I did weights yesterday, I decided to take the day off. This gave me some extra time to ponder the whole caloric intake conversation that I had yesterday. I decided to cut my calorie intake from 2100 to 1950 per day to try and stay ahead of the curve. As I loose weight, I will naturally need fewer calories to do stuff like think, breath, walk around etc, because my body will not have to work as hard. Its like some cruel joke, the more you loose, the harder it becomes. Hopefully my reduction in calories can keep me on track, since my bum foot is acting up again.



Yumm….. I think each slice is 1950 calories..

Day 32 – Resistance Is Futile

Started the day with a metabolic test @ the Y. The goal was basically to find out how many calories you burn at rest, which helps tailor nutrition and workouts to make weight goals. The test have some crazy number like 4800 calories as my metabolic rate which is almost impossible. Needless to say I got my money back. The trainer who gave the test told me the basics – calories in and calories out. Eat no more than 2000 calories if you work out 30 min per day. If you don’t work out , eat 1500 calories to stay on target.

He also showed me some new resistance machines which I decided to use tonight. I was unable to do cardio since I apparently pushed my foot to hard yesterday and its really sore. These new machines are pretty cool, easy to use and take guess work out of lifting. Press the levers for resistance and lift, no seat adjustments or bar adjustments. It was quick and easy. I’m still bummed about no cardio, since I feel like weights aren’t enough if a workout. I guess I’ll know tomorrow when I can’t move my arms :). I’m thinking to add this to my cardio regiment every other day.


Life Fitness resistance band equipment

Day 31 – Pushing It

Back to work this morning after a nice weekend with the family. Weather was great tonight and played outside with the kids. Mosquitos are horrible and the little ones seem to be the tasty ones. Made delicious lunch for everyone (for tomorrow) and went to the Y around 9pm.

Caught latest episode (had never seen it before) of Extreme Weight loss, which is inspiring in an odd sort of way. I really wonder if they don’t have many people doing it at the same time and only selecting the person who makes the goal to air.

Decided to push myself to a new goal at the Y. Instead of 5 kilometers I did 5 miles. Took 45 minutes instead of 30 but I made it!


Precor AMT 855. 3/10

Day 30 – Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! All in all I think I did pretty good today despite all the fantastic food at our BBQ.

Started the day with wife and kids at the Y. Put on my McDavid Level 3 Ankle Brace to stabilize my ankle and did my 5k on the AMT. The brace really helped me out and is quite comfortable, so I was able to complete the workout with no real pain. Kids played in the Y daycare area and the wife tried out the new Sh’Bam, where apparently as she described it “you shake all your assets”.

Signed up for myfitnesspal yesterday to help with calorie counting. Up until now, I’ve haven’t been counting but the more I get into fitness/healthy lifestyle, the more data I like to look at, so I figure I’d track my calories. It’s pretty neat , easy to use and 100% free. I’m using smartphone app for entry on the go. The also have the cool ticker, which track your loss/#togo , which you can now see on the site. It’s eye opening how easily the calories add up.

Ended the day with a 2 miles walk after the BBQ to burn off some delicious brownies. I am feeling really energetic today for some reason, not sure if its because I took the day off or if its the fact that I am so close to my first goal.

AMT 3/8


Sirloin Steak, Dijon Mustard, Grilled Veggies, potato salad (made with veganaise) and Jamie Oliver’s best pasta salad. ( missing from pic, brownie and watermelon )

5 miles today.. Woohoo